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Back to Basics Tuesday: think first before you place highly personal info on #LinkedIn

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I have been personally frustrated by a service provider that cannot help me cancel my plan without my supplying my social security number. I thought that was illegal to ask that!

I resisted and appealed to supervisor after supervisor, but they wore me down. I relented and pray my identity stays discrete. Plan cancelled.

I heard another friend lament the same type of story today as well, so it is not isolated to me and my persistence in resistance.

And having said that, you probably think I have lost a screw somewhere, since from the title to this blogpost I am suggesting you hold back on placing your personal information on LinkedIn.

Well, there’s been no severe bump to my head, and no change in my usual observations here to be yourself on LinkedIn. I want you to express yourself and differentiate your brand!

I just don’t think you should place the following information on LinkedIn:

  • home address
  • home phone number
  • personal email address
  • birthdate
  • any information that you otherwise would not like to be spread without your prior, express permission.

Further, you can own, monitor, and manage your privacy settings on LinkedIn. Your choices are pretty deep and robust, especially so on your public profile that is open to everyone. Likewise, you set up even more privacy on your personal profile and I implore you, not beseech you, to please only connect to people you know well.

Like a virus, your information can spread unchecked far and wide before you even know it’s exposed.

Everyone has a different concept of security and protection, and some of us are especially sensitive, having had our credit card number compromised (me twice now).

So practice safe social media, especially in your information on LinkedIn.

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