A+You’ve seen my suggestion here before to use the pronoun “I” throughout your LinkedIn profile:

  • Never bulletized factoids lifted from your resume. Not Mr. Halpert this and Mr. Halpert that, because no one refers to him or herself like that and it sends a haughty impression.
  • Similarly, don’t refer to yourself by your first name. No one normally talks like that.

It’s essential to come across as telling your career story from your point of view. Be real, attractive and amazing-er; use “I” and people will believe your authenticity immediately.

Then optimize that “I” POV with powerful verbs, since you are making a business presentation, as if to a big client or a Board of Directors, so avoid weak verbs like:

  • am, was, is
  • had, have, has
  • make, made and
  • do, does, did

Instead, open this article and keep it somewhere close by for reference for all the writing work you do, it’s that good: https://www.themuse.com/advice/185-powerful-verbs-that-will-make-your-resume-awesome.

I + power verbs = an  excellent narrative on LinkedIn.

It helps you go to the head of the class. No guarantees, but now the rest is up to you: you have to want to tell your career story!