biscoffThere is turbulence on United Airlines flights worldwide. They had the audacity to change the cookie snack from Biscoffs to Oreo Thins!

Wow. You would think their turbo-fans and frequent fliers had something to complain about, like reclining seats, cancelled flights, or lost luggage.

But people like their routine, they expect the same-old-same-old, they insist on the expected, they thrive on reliability. Like that brand of cookie on their traytable. Talk about brand loyalty! We all should have enjoy such personal brand loyalty!

In our consumer-oriented world, we expect to be focus-grouped, sound-bited, press-released, and then eased in, so we can accept changes, so we can wrap our minds and our taste buds around the upcoming disruption, ahead of time. No cold turkey, please.

I relate this to user-interface (UI) changes on LinkedIn. We know where to expect to see a certain button or function and poof! one day it’s not there. And just ask my fellow LinkedIn trainers, this is quite disconcerting as we coach and teach in real-time. Audiences and trainees look at us and mentally say “Is this person really an expert? Why does he/she not know where to find this stuff?”

And then the next day what we lost is right back where it used to be. UI indeed.

So we embrace UI change on LinkedIn and some of us tap dance through presentations or coaching sessions as we adjust to, and from, changes we do not expect on LinkedIn.

One good thing, the Help Center stays up to date with permanent changes, quickly updated, so consult it and you will be more readily able to find what you were looking for. Or lost, or re-found.

Sorry, the cookie crisis is not solved there. Bring your own Biscoffs on the flight and you will be the envy of your peers.

Just like you will be on LinkedIn if you take my weekdaily advice in this blog.