No one pieces the miscellaneous strands of your persona together while reading your LinkedIn profile.

Why should they, if you will not?

No one tries to make sense of what you did, where you came from, who you are today, and why you do what you do.

That’s your job.

Confused, confounded, they just leave.  They never return.

They don’t weave the tapestry of you. They just see loose threads.

Don’t leave anything underworked. It just shows a scattered mind, and no one hires those who are so lazy or detail deficient.

So, why risk losing an opportunity, never to be contacted to explain further, beyond what the reader saw on your profile, confusing or simply barebones which is never enough.

No one wants to have to work that hard, to path find a way to make their business inquiry “fit” a prospect, for real business.

They just look elsewhere for the next round peg that matches the round hole best.