On an introductory phone call with the CFO of a large organization, I could tell we were making good headway.

He was listening to me and I was picking up on his clues to bring the conversation further along.

You just know when you click.

He had scheduled me for a half hour, I surfaced the bulk of what I wanted to impress him with, and we agreed on another call after we both did a little research to help each other further.

Click again as we hung up the phone.

I had his LinkedIn profile open as we spoke, and we both has already discussed our past experience as bankers and how that helped make us who we are today.

I sent him a LinkedIn connection request, right after the call. His side clicked.

In it I mentioned the context of our call, I referred to the date and the mutual experience as bankers, all in a warm connection request. I can’t be sure that he would open my invitation today or this week, so the nexus references are important.

Click, he connected to me in seconds.

That’s a nice feeling: rewarded for work well done in the past call and in the future call(s) with some luck and finesse. It means LinkedIn is yet another power tool to keep us connected via my blog posts and shared material that regularly appear there, accordingly from me to him as my commitment to nurture my connections.

I will also keep an eye out to “onboard” him soon with some material I find that will directly help him, based on my knowledge of his needs to far. Yes, it’s what nurturing business colleagues do.

Make your business click a lot.