consultingOn 14Feb2020 at 330-500pm, the Science, Industry and Business Library of the New York Public Library will hold a panel discussion I’m organizing called “Considering Opening a Consultancy, Mature-preneur?”

It’s going to be an mind-opening discussion of the inventory of considerations mature workers need to embrace when thinking of, or aiming to excel at, being a consultant.

Opening a consultancy and hanging out a virtual shingle is complicated and fraught with mportant decisions, none to be taken lightly or rushed.

Here’s the program description and speakers, as appears on the SIBL website:

In this dynamic time of your life, perhaps you seek to take more control of your life and devote it to the kind of work you want to do: consulting in your area of expertise.  You are seeking the independence to offer your earned viewpoints and skillset, when you want to, and with whom, while still refining your professional focus. You exude energy, wisdom, and knowledge, and nurture an entourage of resources to continue contributing in your world. However, you might be unsure how to make this a viable business venture, how to step out from the competitors already in the same space, and how to best brand market your expertise.

A panel of three recognized Metro NYC experts will offer their experience after working with hundreds of other consultants who succeeded, so you can make practical business decisions that can bring you emotional, psychological, and professional wellbeing.

  • Phyllis Rosen, Certified Career, Leadership & Retirement Coach and Certified Conversational Intelligence® Coach, will address the energetic and psychological needs to consider in order to create wellbeing. She will prod you to consider your “giftedness” as a unique person and how to remain relevant and vitally connected with life through your consultancy. You will walk away with:
    • An understanding of the role of meaning and purpose in your work
    • The self-defined clarity you need before deciding on the kind of consultancy you create
    • Ideas to remain relevant and vitally connected with life through your consultancy
  • Tom Greenbaum, 7-time book author and recognized business mentor specializing in strategic marketing, marketing research, focus groups, digital marketing, and social media marketing, will address the practical nuts-and-bolts he has guided his clients over 45 years to be successful. He will guide you to answer these essential questions:
    • Do you have the characteristics to be a successful consultant?
    • How to determine what consulting service you might be able to offer?
    • What are the most important tools to building a successful consulting practice?
  • Marc W. Halpert, LinkedIn Coach, Trainer, Evangelist who teaches personal brand marketing to baby boomers, professional practitioners, and multipreneurs, will share his personal LinkedIn techniques to promote your, and your firm’s, brand clarity to the noisy professional business community. He will help you to polish your LinkedIn persona by answering:
    • WHY do you do what you do vs. another similar consultant that makes you a short-list candidate?
    • How to amalgamate your rich past/present/future career story so any attention-deficit reader will want to contact you?
    • How to demonstrate thought leadership, by gesturing and sharing your/others’ work, to stay top-of-mind for referral?

If you are in the NYC area on Valentine’s Day, come share the love we have to educate and inform others to make the best decisions in their encore careers.  Seating is  limited.

(If you are further away, we await word that this will be livestreamed on SIBL’s Facebook page, at that time and preserved for later viewing.)

Join us. Share widely.