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Be bold (and italic) on #LinkedIn, but don’t get carried away!

Coopetition (cooperation + competition) has its benefits!

thank you neon

Thanks are due to fellow coopetor and LinkedIn guru Donna Serdula in the Philadelphia area offered a great (and I say that in an italic, bold font!) post today on LinkedIn, to teach you how to add new font enhancements to your LinkedIn profile material.

So I viewed her video for directions (really easy) and added a few highlighted phrases to my profile, sparingly, deliberately and cautiously.

BTW, you can also add script and double underlining and any combination of these tricks. But resist the temptation to be too cute or flashy. This is a professional forum and not Facebook, right?

You key your text into the top box and then copy-paste from among the lower newly formatted box(es), depending on how you want them to appear within your LinkedIn profile, in this case from my LinkedIn profile:


and the end result is this excerpt from my profile:

bold_italics on LI

Then I called her on the phone to introduce myself, gain her OK to mention her here in my blog, and thank her. We chatted for a while on some ideas and then I offered to connect with her (to nurture the privilege of knowing and learning from her and vice versa).

Remember, less is more. Use the bold, italic and other enhancments sparingly and strictly for emphasis. Don’t be too flashy.

An emphatic thank you to Donna.


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  1. It was such a pleasure catching up with you on the phone. Thank you again for sharing this message. As you said, formatting text is something to do sparingly for impact or not at all. People who use screen readers do not “hear” the formatted text but they hear the unicode symbol number which is confusing and distracting.

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