contentmarketing{As if I don’t say this enough, I will again.}

Create meaningful, professional, intriguing content on LinkedIn to be recognized as:

  • a reliable source (be sure your materials are highly reputable)
  • a thought leader (show your originality)
  • a creative colleague (put two ideas together that no one else has)
  • a demonstrated authority (get quoted or interviewed)
  • a memorable referral (“ping” in the memory of the person who is asked to suggest an expert or source like you)

Be on the LinkedIn radar. If you do not “blip,” you are not seen, heard, remembered, or referred. I blip daily or more. And everywhere I can blip to attract more radar ears.

For you, if daily is too much: not once a month or less. More. When you have something beneficial to offer. Sometimes that will be multiple times a day. If you look for it  you will find inspiration and worthwhile material to share. It’s the “social” in social media, right?

So long as what you are adding to the global conversation is helpful to someone else.

Not a “like” or a “share” but cogent comments why you believe this is the case, adding value to the conversation.

Bottom line: If you do not make great efforts in most or all of the above, you will not reap business opportunities from LinkedIn and have no right to complain it’s “a time suck,” as so many lament.

And you will be destined to repeat the same poor results that you have seen.

I know you will want to fix that. So how about now?