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Back to Basics Tuesday: spoken messages on #LinkedIn

cellphone talkingThis has been around a while, and I don’t normally advocate using the mobile app for its weaknesses vs the desktop version. but this little trick can help in the right circumstances.

You are walking, scootering, or driving, or you have a rather long message that is not proper to text, and you need to communicate with a first-degree connection, but you only have their contact details on LinkedIn.

You get one minute’s worth of recording. You should be able to get a lot packed into that time:

  • First, pull off to the edge of the sidewalk/road (not part of the LinkedIn instructions below).
  • Now, click the microphone icon in the mobile messaging keyboard.
  • Hold onto the microphone in the circle as you record your voice message.
  • Release to send.
  • Get back on the beaten path and know you have sent an immediate, intonation-rich response to the recipient.

More details can be found here.

Use it wisely and carefully please.

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