Continuing where I left off yesterday in part 1 of this 2 part series:

Today: evolve your image of LinkedIn from simian to respected business professional.

How? It’s easy and takes little extra effort; here’re a few ideas to consider:

I always say in my sessions I can teach a monkey to “like” items on LinkedIn. You are certainly not a monkey, but a creature of habit. You are far better than that. But you probably prefer the “hit and run” speed of a “like.”

I don’t.

In fact a few weeks ago I posted here about why liking a posted item on LinkedIn is so lightweight, yet all I got was a bunch of “likes.”

Undeterred, I continue on my quest to help you gesture more on LinkedIn: to evolve from liking, to sharing, to sharing with a comment, to sharing with a comment with a URL you think lends additional value to the conversation, to a sharing with a comment with a URL with 3 hashtags to grow the audience of similarly-minded connections and colleagues and business professionals around the world.

All of this is easy and fairly fast, taking only a few more brain cells, keystrokes and time to donate critical thought to make yourself a more reliable, reputable thought leader. Ans a great habit to get into.

So don’t just “like” this post, please. Tell me why you liked it, with a URL and 3 hashtags to show your prowess and comprehension of the world we compete in.

I urge you to evolve into a vocal, visible, value-adding, upright thinker, offering your unique perspective. Because we want to hear from you as you add to the global conversation on LinkedIn.

Knuckle-draggers rarely win in this environment.