Friday the 13th. I’ve discussed it here before.

Among my fellow global LinkedIn coaches and trainers, 13th is lucky for me.

That’s because based on research by colleague Brenda Meller, I am the 13th most followed LinkedIn trainer, based on increases year on year from this time last year.

You can see my standing among so many other great collaborators here.

But it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality, in the grand view I have about LinkedIn.

It’s about Brenda and the others who care to follow me for what I am told are quality observations, notifications, and advisories that they can use to better themselves, increase business and enhance their careers. And we engage in conversation, dialog about our trials and tribulations training others on LinkedIn, and a soon-to-be-recorded LinkedIn micro podcast with Brenda.

Quality not quantity.

Loving life as a lucky, loquacious LinkedIn lecturer and loremaster.