Benjamin Franklin quote

Pretty smart guy, that Benjamin Franklin.

He is attributed to many quips and witticisms because he left his mark in his writing and  actions, demonstrating thought leadership, in his own time and beyond.

You can be wise like Ben too.

  • Tell us what you are thinking and share it for the greater good. Gesturing is essential on LinkedIn to show your altruism to share with others you may never meet, with nothing expected back in return. But when it does pay off, wow, all that effort is more than compensated!
  • Ping on our mental radars by regularly sharing material you read elsewhere with your commentary.
  • Offer this insight often and contribute high quality ideas and concepts when you do so.

If you don’t think you can be original or braniac enough do this–a common excuse I hear–at least offer your comment “a great read–highly recommended” on someone else’s  published material, with a source URL.

LinkedIn will take care of the rest: graphic, title, brief 2 lines from the article. Your comment on top of it makes you look like a mensch, and others you shared it with appreciate your taking the time to post it.

Or compose a completely original essay and post to 645 million hungry professionals to add your thought leadership to their radars. One such original post I wrote a few years ago pertains to this topic.

But please, do something (!) more than just liking a post. Liking is so un-thought-leader of you.

Be the active participant Ben Franklin referred to in the graphic above, not a passive spectator.