Entrepreneurs, listen up. A new tool for your LinkedIn brand marketing toolbox is here.

It is being cycled out to all LinkedIn members, so if you do not have it yet, it’s a-comin’.

You will find it just below the Headline: a new add-on function to further allow people in need of your services to find you better in ProFinder.

{A refresher on ProFinder: if you want to be found and offered an opportunity to bid on business in your area of expertise, register for ProFinder. I briefly discussed that here 3 years ago.}


Last week, LinkedIn added some new oomph to the keyword services you can list, for others to better offer work opportunities to you directly on ProFinder. Here’s what you have to do: choose a general “business focus” area, and then specific sub-areas from the dropdown list of topics they allow you to select from. Takes a few seconds!


Perfect? Not completely as I would prefer to specifically name my own subspecialty areas, but it’s a start.

Now hopefully I will not continue to be offered work in SEO optimization and Facebook advertising copywriting, services I am no expert in; rather I will be found, considered, and asked to bid on LinkedIn training and coaching as a consultant to business, professional practices, nonprofits and individuals. This is another reason to be very clear and specific in the narrative of your profile coupled with these generic ProFinder buckets you see above.

For a list of specific subspecialties within these “business focus areas” that you can personally select from, click here.

And oddly, there’s a dropdown next to the “public” sharing button, but that’s the only choice you get. Ah, LinkedIn, how did you miss this detail?

Anyhow, progress continues to refine and customize the LinkedIn experience, even so in fits and starts.

Nonetheless, use every opportunity to brand yourself, right? Be a cutting-edge user of LinkedIn.