agingYour first draft of your profile, section by section, should be written on Word or similar word processing software.

Each day for a week, spend time on one single section for that week alone. Write each attempt on a blank screen and save it. Then take the week’s saved documents and print them on one page.

Grab that yellow highlighter and mark the best of each try and knit together each “best” into a tapestry of best-of-bests.

Let it sit again and come back to it when you are fresh and have another look. Make changes, trash it if needed, or keep it.

Work this process for each section of your profile. Explain a different facet of why you, as if you were a cut stone, with planning and fine tuning.

Let the time pass and keep tweaking it.

Aging this work of art will give it the patina you need to attract others to your unique offering.

Like a fine wine, it will come together, as a work better than its components but it takes time.