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Back to Basics: shades of meaning

shadesofmeaningToo often we get too close to what we have written, not realizing it may have other meanings to diverse readers. Or fall flat on the casual reader.

A breather is in order for each section of your LinkedIn profile you rewrite.

Let it cool, as I say.

You are composing it on Word, right?

Finish the work, save it and come back later or the next day, any time you are fresh, and reread it. Do you like it? Perform that process one more day later and then if it’s absolutely perfect, and you love it, publish it to your profile.

If you have any trepidations, concerns, and/or second thoughts, rewrite it fresh. Then compare the 2 versions. Perhaps you can add from one to the other and make the sum greater than the parts.

Notice the verbs you used–are they professional level?

Think of the meaning of your work to your audience(s)–will they get all of what you are saying? Not necessarily at the first reading, but again, will they return and absorb your message(s)?

Think and deliver shades of meaning in your writing. If you write well, ask a trusted colleague to look over your work for constructive, honest criticism. Take it and incorporate it.

Most people cannot write well. If you consider yourself among those so challenged, find a professional ghost writer who captures exactly what you want to say, as if in your own words.

And finally, nothing is final, so you can always change anything in your profile later, and paralysis should not set in to keep you from accomplishing this vital task.

Plan the concepts, themes, and nuances you want to convey, in shades of color and meaning.

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