Your About section is the place you get to make or break it with the reader: does he or she want to contact you? Think of it as an elevator pitch with one other person in the elevator on a short ride.

You would not let them depart the elevator in midsentence, would you? So do not leave any hanging thoughts or incomplete sentences in your About section, at first glance.

Yes, they can click to see more, but they just won’t bother, because attention-deprivation is a contagious disease, but you can work with it!

Mine ends with “My passion: Making you look amazing-er.” I always get a comment or a guffaw.

Here’s how: Re-write the first paragraph and concentrate on those first 302 characters (including spaces) to fit in to the space allotted before “see more.”

That’s why I call it The 302 Rule (not to be confused with the astonishingly brilliant Halpert Rule, but more on that next week in another Back to Basics post!)

Counting characters is easy on Word.

Your About teaser may work at less than 302 characters, but never over 302. Writing brilliantly and awesomely in 302 characters is another story, and your challenge, but well worth your effort. 

Try it. My urging you to make yourself amazing-er too.