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Back to Basics Tuesday: What’s the best day and time to post to LinkedIn?

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The best day and time to rev your LinkedIn brand marketing engine?

Well, I post when I have something important to add, … but this new article says:

the best time to post to LinkedIn is on Wednesday (again), between 9am and 10am, and at 12pm. Wednesday, overall, is the best day to post on the platform, while the least engagement occurs on Sundays.”

“On balance, Tuesday to Friday, between 9am and 11am, looks to be your best LinkedIn posting bet, with good engagement between 12pm and 4pm, Wednesday and Thursday also.”

So depending on what you want to accomplish:

  • quantity of eyeballs viewing your material or
  • quality when you see it/as you see it, to the accumlated knowledge of fellow professionals, or
  • perhaps a combination of both,

now you know.

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