Today's LinkedIn Nugget

A capella? Will you be ready for Carnegie Hall?

singer-579923_1920A solo voice. No music to enhance the vocals. Yes, sometimes vocals stand on their own but that takes courage and utter self-confidence to leave the music out.

That means to make your voice the focus it takes practice to get on stage. Your voice on LinkedIn is your narrative. Make it rich.

But you may just want to add the music of multimedia to accentuate your voice.

Make your profile a painting with texture, color, motion, words, and action.

LinkedIn provides you a plethora of formats to use.

Use every podcast, slidedeck, video, quote in an article, mention of you in the news, PDF, etc. that adds value to your reader’s perception of why you.

In doing so you make your profile more memorable, not only because the human mind works that way, but because you want to beat the competition.

Sing, accompanied by a symphony!

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