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Back to Basics Tuesday: stopping work anniversary notifications

stop1I trained a few people in an action-packed day and 2 asked the same question:

How do I stop seeing work anniversaries on my home page?

Well, first, before I show you how to turn this off, think about why you may want to keep it on:

  1. to congratulate connections on another successful year with a personalized message (so much better than a simple “like”)
  2. you might miss a milestone work anniversary especially worth commenting on
  3. in doing so, you can remind them of something that you discussed earlier, or there’s unfinished business that is worth rejuvenating, or
  4. to determine if that person is worthy of remaining in your (privileged) connection group or not.

For me, the last idea above is like an automatic reminder to cull out those you do not recall why you connected with them in the first place, or perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be so it’s time to cut bait.

Remember, making connections on LinkedIn is not a quantity game of collecting people, but an exercise in amassing and nurturing a high-quality group of supporters.

But if you really don’t want to see work anniversaries, here’s how from the Help Center:

To delete, mute, unfollow, or turn off a work anniversary notification update:

  1. Click the Notifications icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

  2. Click the 3 horizontal dots icon to the right of a specific work anniversary notification and then select Turn off from the dropdown.

Now you know how to stop receiving them. 

1 thought on “Back to Basics Tuesday: stopping work anniversary notifications”

  1. Agree. I like the notifications.


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