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Back to Basics Tuesday: create a PDF of your #LinkedIn profile


Your proposal is complete, but wait!

You want to append your CV to highlight your credentials and add weight to the “why you.”

But how?

Add a PDF of your LinkedIn profile!

It’s easy, but like everything else on LinkedIn, you have to know where to find this function. Here’s how:

Click “me” in the top ribbon of any LinkedIn page, and then click “view your profile.”

In your profile “Intro card” (the topmost section of your profile), click the white “More” button, then the “Save to PDF” from the dropdown:

Linkedin more button.jpg

And what is created right before your eyes is a PDF gleaned from your profile, with some graphic enhancement, from our friends at LinkedIn:


My PDF runs 6 pages; yours will vary. 

Everyone’s PDF profile is composed of these sections:In the teal colored left- hand column:

  • contact details
  • 3 top skills
  • certifications
  • honors/awards
  • last 5 publications

And in the larger white section:

  • name
  • headline
  • geographic location
  • summary  (oddly not the newly renamed  “About” section)
  • experience
  • education

I intend to use this PDF widely. You should too. After all, you have worked so hard to demonstrate your “why” and it can be easily added to your work.

Think: proposal addendum, speaker intro material, press package, email intro, etc.

PS: you can also convert your connection’s profile into a PDF if you are collaborating with another colleague and want to show both of your credentials in a consistent format.

Voila! Another well-hidden, but useful LinkedIn tool.


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