dontA creative yet poorly intended connection request came my way on a Sunday morning while I was writing my blog posts.

The timing was good, since I needed a blog post for today’s Back To Basics and this one is what-not-to-do.

A. wants to connect to me. I usually get the boilerplate connection request, which is always a certain rejection, in my world.

But…A.’s connection request is more than boilerplate. It’s generic, like a form letter, so much so as to be purposeless and insincere. Reader, don’t be either.

Yes, he may have read my profile and seen I am an early adopter of LinkedIn. but is that a reason to connect?

Make the privilege of asking for connection on LinkedIn a seriously considered one (for both sides) and make it professional. Give context, give purpose of mutual assistance, in other words, be real. What not to do? This:

{Penalty buzzer sounds.}

Uh, my “no thanks,” sent professionally, back to A:

Thanks for asking, but I only connect to people I get to know well through business.

I will respectfully decline your invitation.


You know the drill, if you have been reading here. Be real and be professional.

It’s a commentary on today’s business social media that I have to even say that.