Everywhere you go and log in to LinkedIn, they are registering your location. Yes, they do.

I too am guilty of leaving electronic breadcrumb locations of LinkedIn session everywhere I go. Last week I saw I had 46 of them!

You can, and should, clean up the history of those sign-ins and active sessions like I do.

The process is simple and worth a few seconds of your time to clean up after yourself.

And as a special bonus, while you are at the above link in the Help Center, it’s a good idea to clear up and other “permitted services” that manage data sharing from LinkedIn (that you allowed):

These are the services to which you have granted access to your LinkedIn profile and network data. If you remove that access here, they will no longer be able to access your LinkedIn data. To re-enable them in the future, go to the service and grant access again.

I hope you will keep this maintenance up to date. If it means placing it on your calendar, that’s how I now do it. 

My Tuesday “back to basics” blog piece is provided weekly to help answer the most common or stirring questions and comments I receive in my live Q&A sessions and via messages. I hope I have helped you.