Back to Basics Tuesdays, Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Back to basics Tuesday: gain thought leader status with great commentary on #LinkedIn!

thoughtleaderthumnailYou’ve read me  on this topic here a few times:

A simple “like” of someone’s post is definitely not enough participation.

Share your POV with the originator, his/her connections, your connections, and anyone else who follows that hashtag you add to your comment (big hint to gain followers!) WHY you think that post is important, relevant, valuable.

Spend a few minutes on this video when I answered a question from the audience on this very topic.

Yes, do spend the time and lend your brain cells (please, just your best brain cells to the nurturing effort you offer your professional connections).

Atta-boys and atta-girls are cheap and free.

But highly intelligent commentary adding your 2 cents will make you a star.

(Also worth a watch: a video by social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk on contributing your 2 cents, but I am certain 90 times a day is NOT the right number–go with any number of, but valuable, additions you can make, different each day of course!).

Why? Everyone else is too lazy, consumed or attention-deficit to add their comments.

Your doing so will help you step out and up to a new status if you perform this task consistently and with zeal and value-added. 

OK, I will step down off the Back to Basics soap box once again, until next week.

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