yawnNow called Profile Pages, previously known as Company Profiles, they have a bit of a new look, some added functionality and mostly, have been augmented for the smartphone app.

Everything the company page admin needs on the go, except Page admins, please don’t rush to post to the Page without a strategy.

Ah there’s the rub. Most company profile pages are either boring, ancient, or just plain do not exist.

If yours is any of these, now you have a reminder from LinkedIn that they are putting  more resource into Pages, but they’ve said that before and misjudged the ennui of  most company profile pages more than a few times. Perhaps they will get it right this time, at least I hope so. It does provide one more way to be found in a search, SEO terms and proper usage required, of course!

In any event, read about the changes here and watch the video too.

It’s being rolled out in the USA first and then the rest of the world. And we all know how they roll new improvements out…s  l  o  w  l  y. Let me know if you agree or disagree with me on any of the above.

Ahem, LinkedIn if you are reading me here, I am still waiting for Events to be placed on my profile…