balckboard_successI’m starting a new “Back to Basics” tip every Tuesday for the foreseeable future. These come from FAQs at my open mic sessions or SOS emails I receive. Feel free to suggest questions you would like me to answer in subsequent Tuesdays!

One question I get is why, and then how, to shorten your LinkedIn URL.

First, when you signed up for LinkedIn you were assigned a specific URL to identify your LinkedIn page. Like much of your earliest profile page, it was rough and needed additons and refinement.

Perhaps you still are seeing your LinkedIn public profile URL as something like

with letters and numbers after it (not a real link or mine).

Yes, it works but wouldn’t you rather show that you care enough to refine your profile and similarly, to put your best foot forward and show your profile URL with just your name (no letters or numbers)?

There’s nor guarantee you will get “” if another JOhn JOnes already claimed it. One to a customer. So get going and capture your name at the end of the URL. Here’s how.

Then use it (and where it’s important to look your best):

  • in the signature lines on your emails
  • added to your next set of business cards
  • on your resume/CV/speaker bio
  • on every PowerPoint you show (and slide handouts!) and/or
  • on all other marketing pieces you create.

When a reader or attendee clicks this link, they see you telling your career story in the best and latest version possible. Now you’re making this basic task help brand you better for future success! I don’t think you need another reason why!