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Solutions to problems on #LinkedIn (part 3 of 3)

solutionBlogger’s note: In the last 2 posts we spoke of a few problems and analyzed them: the major ones people express they have with LinkedIn. Let’s spend a few lines wrapping them up.

Problem: LinkedIn is not getting you inquiries. Think about how amazing (or not) you are you making yourself look.

Solve this by not only making yourself more interesting to read about, but by sharing great material you come across and adding your comments about why this is a worthwhile read. Add hashtagged topic names to catch the attention and SEO in LinkedIn for added reader. You are becoming a thought leader and sharer.

Problem: You can’t express your inner core values and you have topics instead of actual learned and honed skills showing in this very important area of your profile. Solve this by asking trusted friends and business colleague what they admire in you, what they respect about you. That’s like a 360 on you, initiated by you with a little help from your friends. Take the constructive criticism that might come along when you ask how you can be more attractive as a business prospect to strangers. Ouch, it might smart a bit, but you are gaining intelligence too!

Problem: You hate your job and can’t find another.
A solution (from among many) is in the process of seeking a new career position, not just a job. Think macro and spread your net to make yourself available and open to new opportunities. Often these may come within your company, within colleagues’ companies, or you just might want to hang out the consultant shingle that you always had in you. No one makes you do more and better than you, and the need to so more and better. No pity, but rosy optimism will serve you well.

To all of the above points, I was interviewed by Jane Beddall of Dovetail Resolutions in her podcast series “Crafting Solutions to Conflict” in which I shared some thoughts on effectively preventing and managing conflicts for my clients. Here’s the link to the podcast: 
I hope it helps you at some point, when you eventually need this information.

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