commitThe answer better be: very.

But how do you show it?

Consider the effect on your brand:

  • if you are a professional in a field that requires attention to detail, (law or accounting) does your LinkedIn profile have typos, format errors?
  • if you are a professional in a field where words and imagery are what you are admired for (PR, author, or professional speaker), does your LinkedIn profile read choppy and sloppy?
  • if you are a professional in a field that offers visual enhancement to the written word (video, graphic design, web development), did you skip the steps of showing the latest multimedia examples of your work?
  • if you are a professional in a field of renovating and rebuilding better (architect or interior designer), did you only show the end result without helping the viewer visualize the process to get there, not considering your work has an impact on those living through the project as it proceeds?
  • don’t commit; be boring, pedestrian, uninteresting. Don’t complain, you are making your self forgettable.

The take-away: commit to the imagery and illustration that helps us understand your ikigai, your raison d’etre, your value proposition, however best you can express it.

Shine and be noticed, sought after, hired often, and referred repeatedly.

Commit to your brand.