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Nourish2flourish on #LinkedIn


Not a riff on my company name connect2collaborate.

But the title makes sense, right?

Nurture all you come in contact with, from the start.

Keep it going.

That’s an idea to ponder and implement from me to you, and not just once but continually, and I suggest you make it more than just a part of your social media, (and your life in general, if I may):

  • Do you nourish yourself with reading and sharing great material you see on LinkedIn? Your connections deserve your comments and insight, even if you didn’t write it yourself.
  • Do you openly share your own thoughts and comments with others in updates, comments, and long-form LinkedIn articles? Spread the goodies.
  • Ahem, do you share your blog on LinkedIn too? You should be seen as a thought leader.
  • Do you congratulate others on work anniversaries, accomplishments, promotions, and job changes with more than with LinkedIn’s the boiler plate language? Same with how you approach others to connect to them: tell them how you can help them.

Nourish as the collaborative relationship grows.

Flourish together as trusted colleagues. 

You gotta!


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