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I say this in my recent book. CEOs must master social media, LinkedIn in particular, to boost their reputation (as individuals and as an organization) and in doing so, widen their thought leadership. (If you are not the CEO, send this to him/her.)

That concept was reflected in the results of a new study by Weber Shandwick. A quote from its Executive Summary:

Think about whether your CEO should be making greater use of content publishing on LinkedIn, which can have enormous reach to curated and receptive audiences (with usernames attached to public comments on LinkedIn posts, comments are more likely to be positive than negative).

By default, I am the CEO of my companies.

I am also the voice and chief idealist there too.

Thus, as CEO of my outward reputation and published works, everything I produce has to be high quality and potentially useful to others.

That’s how I communicate on, and about, LinkedIn as my specialty, offering helpful perspective to business professionals in all industries, from the point of view as I see it, honestly and directly.

You can too.

LinkedIn–use it well!