bubble-1891638__340It’s midsummer, the usual time in my businesses when it can get quiet, when I hunker down to hatch a new project; then I can launch when things are busy, for maximum effect.

I am now working on an online course for nonprofit professionals to use LinkedIn, as a companion to my new book. While the book is about concepts. the online course will be  more hands-on.

Yet in between, referrals from LinkedIn colleagues continue to bubble up. Thank you all!

To crystallize them, most referrals take conversation and/or email to make the first contact with the prospect: set a time to speak by phone, flesh out the parameters of what they are seeking from me, explain how I work, send a proposal, answer any questions about it, customize further, and accept their signed agreement to set up our sessions.

August can be a tough time to think about scheduling coaching sessions so I defer to September as a better time frame for everyone, once we are all back to normal. But I plan in August for the fall. In fact I have a few scheduled educational sessions in ink.

There are small bubbles and big ones, and sometimes the small ones formed a few months ago are quietly expanding to bigger ones. Gotta get to them before they pop!

All bubbles accepted….