Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Dreams can become reality

dare.jpgI meet a lot of dreamers: people between positions, looking for a job while in a job, seeking a new business to immerse oneself (again), or any of a number of situations, each with their own wishes and dreams to convert to reality.

They need a kick and a fresh perspective of how LinkedIn is a power tool just for that purpose.

Truth is, many of us have been through this self-fulfillment process, or I should say, are already in the midst of it, either that great personal rollercoaster called job seeking, a side-gig, or outright entrepreneurship, and everyday is another scene in that vision.

And I use the metaphor of nurturing those around you in my talks and writing.

So when I saw this sign at White Flower Farm in upstate Connecticut, and when we were fortunate enough to by chance meet and work with a salesperson there named Catherine who gave us the generous benefit of her vast knowledge and passion, we left inspired. Yes, flowerpots in hand, we will plant, cultivate and nurture our new treasures.

I hallucinate about a garden that takes care of itself, and I know that is impossible. The reality is that I needed to find the consultative expert to get me further along the way,  and now it’s up to me to make that dream a reality.

So it is the same for you. Ask me. Use the right tools. Get started on that path, plant something, nurture it, keep looking forward to reality from your dream.


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