newliprofielchangesapr18One year ago, LinkedIn made a huge change to the look and operation of the personal profile.

We have all adjusted.

Coming soon (and I am not sure when, although some already have it), your and others’ profiles will look a bit different.

Nothing wild like a year ago, just shifts and movements. The best I can show as a graphic of a profile (apologies for the quality of the screen shot) in this new format is one from the LinkedIn Blog, and here’s what I see:

  • Your headshot will be left-justified on your profile, still within your background photo banner (but may block some of it when the headshot shifts)
  • The first three lines of your Summary will appear, rather than the first 2 as it is now. Make an effort with this 1 extra line awarded to you to want to make the reader want to read more about you; do not dangle words or phrases at the end of line 3, if you can
  • Similarly, it appears 6 video and/or graphic thumbnails will show across the bottom of your Summary rather than 2 across as it is today
  • The contact details section is being moved below and to the middle right, under your headline
  • And the same is true for the placement of the name of your latest educational institution, your current company name, and the number of your connection

No explicit mention of these coming changes has appeared on the LinkedIn blog, although they have traditionally pre-advised us in the past.

Once again, there is not apparent logic in who gets these changes first.

As I always say, everything on LinkedIn is subject to change, and slowly rolled out.

Stay tuned. Get ready to adjust again. And again.