pexels-photo-256396.jpegI work out a at gym and watch streaming news to help pass the time elliptically.

One ad I see a lot for an unnamed credit card brand has 3 young singers in the ad (well, 2 croon and 1 yells the words) and there’s some repeat reference about a book and its cover.

But I don’t get the ad. I don’t know what they are asking me to do.

How many other ads are out there that are so obtuse you have no idea what the product or service is, let alone how it’s better than the competition, and thus worth buying?

The LinkedIn twist to my curmudgeonly observation about ads: does the “cover” that is your LinkedIn personal profile tell the casual reader that it is worth spending the time to learn more about you, the “book,” and your rich experience?

That book should have as its cover title “{Your Name}: Why I Do What I Do” 

If not, edit it. Or risk no one picks you up to read your story.