ikigaiwithjapanesetitleYes, ikigai (pronounced icky-guy) and it means “a reason for being,” a Japanese philosophy I just became aware of that I want to share and would like to have you add its concepts to your LinkedIn profile.

It consists of 4 intersecting circles, each one comprising 3 subconcepts and the intersection of all segments define your ikigai, your raison d’etre, your reason for being.

Each day this week I will explore a new circle with you and by Friday we will wrap up with the finale, in essence, why you do what you do, your ikigai. Yesterday I spoke of What You Are Good At. 

Today: What You Can Be Paid For

We can be paid for a lot of possible occupations, within and without our experience.  I could flip burgers and so could you. But I don’t fill my own teeth. I hope you don’t either.

Our journey in our life’s work, up, down and all around, is profession plus vocation. That’s your career, right? Where else to tell it than LinkedIn?

The intersection of profession and vocation should deliver you a comfort zone, an ahhhh! moment, but don’t rest on your proverbial laurels. Readers of your profile have limited attention spans. Competitors and new entrants are changing our world very rapidly and electronically. You cannot afford to take a breather lest you are left behind.

And there’s no time to feel empty, so again, I disagree more than a bit with the chart.

You may think that I would go on and on here about this topic. Not really. You already know my philosophies, views, angles and sentiments about telling your true career story on LinkedIn. Not your resume but your story, “why.”

If you don’t know how to do this, call or email me for a consultation. I may just open your eyes wider.

Tomorrow, the crescendo, the finale, the ikigai of LinkedIn.