pexels-photo-58098.jpegLinkedIn. The very name implies you can do the necessary networking electronically without every leaving your office: connecting, referring, endorsing, recommending, sharing and writing articles: no person-to-person direct contact, all electrons exchanging positions from screen to screen.

There is a need for humans to meet, to link out, as Leslie Grossman’s book is called, to eyeball each other, shake hands, sip coffee, exchange ideas in conversation, seal a deal with an agreement and a visual nod.

And it’s never the same by skype or phone or conference call as it is with an audience of one or more seated in the same room.

So we do what we can, from November to April, in the NYC metro area, and perhaps in your area too. Well, despite Nor’easters, weather isobars and polar vortexes that challenge us, the show must go on, face-to-face, even if rescheduling around weather conditions. But perhaps on another day.

My schedule for today collapsed, at my own doing, from the 5 appointments in the city to my staying back in my office, all rescheduled with cooperation from my colleagues until (hopefully) a warmer, less snowy day.

Flexibility is needed in business and no one needs to feel unsafe just to make a meeting. .

Thanks all.