pexels-photo-206585.jpegI am pleased to advise you that I am underway with the editing, production, and self-publishing my new book “You, Us, Them” a LinkedIn marketing concepts book for nonprofit professionals.

From the last page of the book:

You: one person making a difference, telling us what’s dear to you and meaningful in your work, as only you can. Appear the best you can be on LinkedIn, approachable and active, so we can cheer you on as you achieve your next milestones. Be sure your profile fits within the thrust of your employer’s brand.

Us: the power of the group’s coordinated message, inspiring and successful. The message to the business community on LinkedIn must be on-point and concise, everyone in the organization showing a side of the mission in their individual profiles, with no weak links.

Them: observers you have yet to invest in your cause but are available to you to research, selectively market to, and when inspired by your cause, offering you their expertise, time and/or money. On LinkedIn, they are business people: attention-deprived, fickle consumers, and return-on-investment-driven. Appeal to both their intellect and their emotional desire to help, as we all pay it forward.

Are the three incompatible? Not if you work on it using the concepts I showed you.

Cohesive? Certainly, this will take work, but it is attainable. Feed and cultivate it continually. Collaborative? Ah, the best of all worlds, all three rowing the boat in the same direction.

Although I will soon be shouting about it from the rooftop, you do not have to feel compelled to read it there.

More later as this project marinates and matures.