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#LinkedIn is self-policing

stop1LinkedIn is a business platform, not a social anything-goes platform. There are a lot of things I see on Facebook (to name just one social media platform) that I am pleased we do not see on LinkedIn.

And the thought process and question you need to employ on LinkedIn includes the “would I say this to my prospective business client?” So you need to answer this in your head, before you post something that is potentially non-business-like.

That goes for political opinion, certain graphics, and especially offensive material that abuses another’s security or sense of well-being.

There have been quite a few articles in the British press recently about women who must add Mrs. to their name on LinkedIn to preclude men from approaching them for non-business purposes. While I have not yet seen an article to that effect in the American press, I am certain it happens here too. And it’s certainly not business-like.

So let’s get this out in the open: this behavior is NOT acceptable on LinkedIn. Period.

LinkedIn is self-policing.

If you think these rules have been broken based on any message or material you have seen on LinkedIn, report it.

It’s easy to do and you must.

You will be doing the business community a favor. Here’s what LinkedIn has to say about inappropriate behavior they do not tolerate:

  2.  especially do’s and don’t in section 8.2.

The moral of the story: think and act politely, business-like and morally decent in all you do on LinkedIn and in business. Not everyone does, so on LinkedIn you have recourse.

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