Linkedin birthday cakeCan’t remember? LinkedIn just made it easier to find that date.

Mouse over your tiny round photo in the top right corner of  the dark green stripe at the top of any LinkedIn page.

Click “settings and privacy” in the dropdown.

Then magically (because these little things appear out of the blue on LinkedIn) you now see the date you joined towards the top of the page.

Then you can communicate the above graphic to all your connections when you have a LinkedIn anniversary.

Important? Not really.

Useful? Could be–if you use it as a means to re-acquaint with those you fell out of touch with.

I did just that on Friday (with a different graphic). I used a touch point to gain a training session in the new year with a large corporation via someone I’ve known a long time, who now runs a department there. Getting that will be a piece of e-cake, so to speak.

I’ll be a whole LinkedIn-year-older when I present there. Wiser, I hope, too.