tomatoesOur lives are a combination of decisions and connections made.

Not all are fruitful.

Some are a bit misshapen and we lament them though imperfect, yet they are every bit as sweet.

Situations arise that you have to manage with your best developed skills and natural instincts.

But sometimes really bad “stuff” happens and you must deal with the reality.

For those of you with a nonlinear career history because:

  • you are embarking on an encore career,
  • you took time off to raise a child,
  • you attended a sick relative,
  • you changed industries or your industry changed on you,
  • you lost a job due to downsizing,
  • or worse…

the good news is: LinkedIn has a good blogpost to offer some advice on how to present this on your personal profile.

I recommend you look it over and glean from it what will become your very best personal narrative to accurately and logically tell your own career story.

Now, how do you like them tomatoes?