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Like a bird flying into a window

birdsinwindow1.jpgMy house was custom designed by an architect for the original owners, with very large windows on either side of a living room-dining room expanse.

Birds, having good long-range vision, perceive an open channel through one window to another and routinely fly directly into the glass.


(Just like what just happened as I sat down to write, and the inspiration for today’s blog.)

Not a great experience for the bird. Often I carry away dead ones who over-navigated.

Reflecting back on the 19 months it took from inception to publication of my book, it was an aerial journey. I was elated to meet, and have my book concept approved by, the ABA; the book rolled off my mental tongue, so to speak, my manuscript was presented one month ahead of deadline, the review board uniformly liked it, it was proofed and readied to print.

Then I got word that LinkedIn was changing the desktop interface and I insisted we pull the book from the process just before printing. With a vision being developed for future marketing plans, I urged we abort the takeoff and felt that same THUMP! The ABA agreed, as we did not want to launch a book outdated before the proverbial ink dried.

No injuries, except my ego of being a published author in the time frame I had envisioned, and certainly the ABA’s production schedule. Repairable.

I brushed off my electronic feathers and chopped out whole chapters, rewrote sections and rearranged the order to match the new LinkedIn interface. New observations and exhibits were needed to relate better as a whole.

In retrospect, it’s overall a better product. But it was hard to see the end result in the heat of the revision. Well, the rest is history. It’s now available in paper as well as in an e-book version. Eight published author colleagues are reviewing it. I am pleased, a bucket list goal that I always wanted under my belt.

This bird is still flying, with another book in the works on LinkedIn: aimed at nonprofit professionals and those supporting them!

Stay tuned.

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