snowontreeMost people on the East Coast are home today, working remotely. I presume they didn’t have to venture into the cold blustery (hopefully) last snow storm of the season.

That’s an opportunity for you.

Start with a LinkedIn message or InMail to make the connection or arrange the next contact. Once agreed, choose you own tactics and see if you can get that deal consummated, that fine point negotiated, or just say hello and share an article with someone you have been out of touch with, using LinkedIn as a communication power tool.

You may be able to access certain people without the snarling gatekeeper, without the distraction of the office swirl of activity and politics, and you may be able to get some things accomplished with them in a quieter, less demanding environment.

Or message over LinkedIn, (or here’s a not-so-radical idea: pick up the phone, text, email, whatever.)

Start something warm on a blustery icy day.