Today's LinkedIn Nugget

232 is a magic number on #LinkedIn now

fig-8-1Yes that’s the number of the character in the first 2 lines of your Intro (formerly known as Summary) section in the new LinkedIn user interface.

Which means you get a second brief opportunity to make the casual reader of your profile want to know more about you, and click to “see more” to open the rest of your Intro narrative. (The first opportunity, as you have seen me pontificate here, is the 120-character Headline.)

How fast can YOU read 352 characters?

Mine starts with “I help you” and ends with “Read how:”

LinkedIn supplies the “…” free.

232. That’s how space/time you get to be considered for the next project, job, referral, opportunity, etc. to tell why you do what you do.

Why is this important? The reader may or may not just click “see more” unless you compel him/her to.

Which means now is the time to rewrite the first 232 characters (including spaces!) of your Intro.


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