The first time I was hired by a woman to coach her husband as his Christmas gift, I found it innovative. A family LinkedIn gift. Or dare I say, a “gifted” LinkedIn coach?

The second time I became an in-family gift was when my attorney client rehired me to freshen up his LinkedIn profile, then assigned me to work with his college daughter for her budding career and then his spouse who was starting a career change/job search. Family LinkedIn coach.

Once again I was a gift from an aunt to her nephew, whose career was stagnant and she saw a gift of my coaching as his need for a boost. She tells me he is moving along nicely.

Just in: a husband and his wife have hired me, for each of them, to expand their LinkedIn narratives and help them bound further along on their careers. Family coach again.

It’s rewarding to know you are trusted and respected for the energy and perspective you can provide, especially to be “passed” around within a family. My life IS an adventure. 

So is yours or that of a family member. Gift certificates available.