questionsI did it again. I exposed myself to 90 minutes of questions on LinkedIn to a group of underemployed boomers. Willingly and voluntarily. Open mic, so to speak.

I prefaced the upcoming changes on the user interface, and the possible upside of Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn. I showed them the merits of 2FA, and also where other very useful aspects of LinkedIn are hidden.

Then I opened it up to the attendees and my stream-of-consciousness responses to their add-on questions ensued. It was quite an organic and open forum. People of all experience levels on LinkedIn, from a real expert to a newbie who came to listen and then open his LinkedIn account.

It’s a challenge for me, which I actually enjoy, as you never know where this type of session will go.

Similarly, I solicit your questions so I can answer them in this blog. Send your queries to me by email ( so I can aggregate the requests into a couple of affiliated questions and handle 2 or 3 at a time.

Thanks in advance.