That stands for “2 factor authentication.”

Three years ago I wrote a blog post on this topic and I am amazed at how may people still (!) are exposed to having their LinkedIn identities hacked. You cannot afford this happening to you. Do this now:

Opting into two-step verification can greatly reduce identity theft and unauthorized access.  You probably already have 2 step verification for your online banking; if you don’t you should…you input your ID and password (step 1) and the bank sends you a code by email, text or phone to further authenticate you to access your bank account (step 2 in the verification).

Since you value your online reputation and want to restrict access to your LinkedIn profile to just you, I urge you to activate dual authentication on your LinkedIn profile.

Yes, it’s an extra step to input the 6 digit code they send you, but the peace of mind is worth it, especially if you access your LinkedIn profile on public wi-fi. LinkedIn has a great tutorial slide deck to show you how to do this. Please take a minute to implement this for your own protection.

You have a great reputation to maintain.