daystillxmasYes, there’s a website to calculate that for you.

And my point?

You can procrastinate away the time to perfect anything that’s needed but not necessarily fun to do. You can wait until a deadline looms and then race to the finish line, completion on time or not.

As shown in this blog yesterday, I am co-presenting a workshop in  September 21 with Adam Krim with the aim to get you oriented to a flourishing final 4 months of the year.

Yes, summer is nearly over, we all get back to work in after Labor Day, and most importantly, the year-end is approaching quickly.

Have you started thinking of how you come across on your LinkedIn profile and how to optimize this tool for a great end of the year finale?

Everyday is a shopping day in social media. Even 24 x 7 x 366. Create your opportunities by showing the most/the best/the real “why” you on LinkedIn.

If you need help, we can do that together. Now, not tomorrow.