We LinkedIn trainers confer in a Google chat room. We seem to aggregate our comments around “It was there yesterday but it’s gone today!” The others also lament that happens at the worst possible time, and this makes me feel so much better, like when we teach a group or coach others and show them something that we know to do, but is unavailable at the moment we need it. Keeping up the pace, we move on to the next important “show-me,” with the suggestion the client look there tomorrow when it will likely re-appear.

Makes us seem a little less in charge, a bit unbelievable.

Confidence building is not there yesterday, gone today, back again tomorrow. It means being always reliable to provide that extra or the usual high level of quality, in the moment, at command.

I try to provide that and I know you do too, no matter what your line of work is. At every moment our credibility is at stake. When this blip happens, our being respected as an authority diminishes quickly and take a lot more time to rebuild than the moment in which it is lost. Don’t be irregular. Don’t be  partially reliable. Be amazing-er, as I like to say.

Where does that start? In your LinkedIn profile of course! Your profile reader starts there, and you need to concentrate there too, to make your case, to instill credibility, to make the reader fall in “like” with you. With a call to action to contact you.The rest is up to you to make them fall in love with you….