I have been opining for the past days about a new survey released by LinkedIn and there’s some curious results reported. In today’s installment I look at the 4th result: “76% agree it’s difficult to overcome a bad first impression.”

Today’s attention-deprived reader makes a first impression quickly with little information to back it up.

You have a lot of space in LinkedIn to tel your story, but did you do it well? If a casual, quickly-distracted reader makes a poor impression of what you say about yourself, thus you, you lost a chance. They do not return for a do-over. Done. Gone. Lost opportunity.

Don’t let them make a mediocre impression, or a bad, first impression. Give it your all and tell about yourself. Why you do what you do.

Do it. Now.

Thanks for following this series. Come back daily (weekdays) as I find real-life situations that make LinkedIn a more useful power tool in our personal brand marketing tool box.