rockbandThere are many ways to brand yourself and stand out in a crowd. Being memorable and easily findable among 414+ million global business professionals takes work.

Composing a valued LinkedIn profile takes continual action: more than collecting factoids, pasting them together and leaving them to petrify. LinkedIn is not a spectator sport.

Here’s a brief collection of 7 strategic ideas I wrote to make your LinkedIn profile fresh and routinely reverberate in the minds of your prospects, one by one:

Your LinkedIn persona is organic. Only you can change it. But you must actively cultivate your profile at the same amperage as your professional development, using the vocabulary of a marketing guru. You now have 7 more tips to make your LinkedIn profile dynamic and relevant, staying way ahead of the competition.

It’s important that your brand is clear to reach the right business audience. Talk about your professional self with gusto–it’s not only ok, it’s required! After all, if you don’t, who else will?