ghost1Often my LinkedIn coaching clients are reticent to tell things from their past that they have stuffed away. Not that I try to pry out bad memories or hidden anxieties.

It’s all a positive, formative experience for both of us with each session. Once it is no longer uncomfortable, because we have been taught not to talk about ourselves, and the gates are cracked opened, more comes with it. We work this out together. My job as their guide through the LinkedIn maze is to connect their dots, visible and invisible to a more cohesive whole.



In an aside they may mention something that makes my ears perk up. They may allude to a situation that perfectly illustrates a point we/they are needing to make to “land” the profile reader. And sometimes it takes a few session before they get out from their own way. “You mean I can say that?” Eureka moment.

These ghosts seem murky until we explore them. We have to both agree there is merit in mentioning the newly enlightened message.

What fun this is for the two of us. How revealing this gets when a client’s old story becomes new and meaningful again.